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Georgia: The Spot for Southern EVOO
Georgia: The Spot for Southern EVOO Three olive varieties grow in Georgia Olive Farms’ orchards, and the groundbreaking farmers produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO.
Great Falls: Nature’s Power on Display
Great Falls: Nature’s Power on Display To see power on a trip to Washington, D.C., don’t bother with the Capitol or the White House. Instead, go 15 miles up the Virginia side of the Potomac River to Great Falls Park where you quite literally feel the roaring power of Mother Nature.
Cascading North Carolina
Cascading North Carolina Listing the five best North Carolina waterfalls is an invitation to a heated discussion, if not a full-fledged argument. Let’s just call this a list of five favorites instead.
Sipping Pecans
Sipping Pecans Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company opened in 2003 as the first brewery in Mississippi since Prohibition, and its brewers discovered a way to convert the rich nutty flavor of pecans into a refreshing beer – and that’s just one of their innovations.