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Travel Directory: West Virginia | Driving and Train Tours

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West Virginia
West Virginia

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West Virginia Driving and Train Tours

West Virginia Driving Tours
West Virginia Driving Tours
WV Byways Driving Tour 
West Virginia has long been synonymous with scenic beauty and adventure. Historically, visitors traveled several days over rugged terrain to reach the mineral springs and spas of the region that promised youthful vitality and rejuvenation. Today, traveling through West Virginia to find these scenic, stress-free destinations is easier than ever. Interstates make regions of the state easily accessible. Once you’re here, you’ll find that it’s the paths less traveled that offer the best of what West Virginia has to offer.

West Virginia is home to several designated scenic byways that provide a glimpse into the sights, sounds, and tastes of life on the early frontier. These byways were chosen because they offer a unique take into the Mountain State's history and natural beauty. These roadways are a slower-paced alternative to Interstate traffic. Visit to find historic and captivating sights along these byways.

West Virginia Train Tours
West Virginia Train Tours
Scenic Train Rides
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the advent of the railroad through Appalachia unlocked West Virginia’s buried natural treasures of coal, timber, natural gas and oil. Dozens of bustling towns appeared right next to the tracks as industrial prosperity flooded the hills. More than 100 years later, many of those boomtowns transformed to ghost towns and the chief mode of transportation became the automobile. Increasingly, tourists and adventure seekers have become the payload for scenic rides along formerly industrial tracks. Choose from an antique Shay steam locomotive trip on the steep switchback-laden tracks of the Cass Scenic Railroad or the open-car, diesel-electric runs of the Potomac Eagle through the famous Trough section of the Potomac River. The Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad offers three unique rail rides on different lines including a ride that crisscrosses one of the best trout streams in the country and another that features a steam-powered Climax locomotive.


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West Virginia

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