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Travel Directory: Houma, Louisiana

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Houma, Louisiana
Houma, Louisiana

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Houma, LA


Following the scenic route between New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana, adventure seekers will find themselves immersed in the hospitality of the Bayou Cajuns of Houma. The early settlers to this area named the parish Terrebonne, or “good earth.” Throughout the city of Houma and its surrounding communities, visitors will discover many good things: good people, good food and good times.


Houma, Louisiana
Houma, Louisiana
Leave civilization behind and enter the domain of the wild on an authentic Louisiana swamp tour. Board a boat and glide through endless miles of wetlands teeming with moss-draped trees and exotic wildlife – including the much sought after alligator! Take a cultural land tour and meet local alligator hunters, fur trappers and net makers. Those seeking to immerse themselves fully in the South Louisiana experience can rent a cabin in the swamps at Wildlife Gardens.


Located on the southernmost tip of the Mississippi River flyway, Houma is a birdwatcher’s paradise with hundreds of species of birds. Egrets, herons, roseate spoonbills, and the bald eagle can be found feeding and resting along the Gulf of Mexico.


Uncover Houma’s rich and colorful 300-year-old history and heritage at one of the city’s many museums: Southdown Plantation House, The Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum, The Regional Military Museum, and The Terrebonne Folklife Culture Center. Along the banks of Bayou Petit Caillou in Terrebonne Parish, a 45-foot lighthouse peaks out amongst houses and oak trees guiding the way to a treasure of modern American folk art – The Chauvin Sculpture Garden. The lighthouse, made of 7,000 bricks and decorated with sculptures, is only the beginning of a journey through the life, faith and world of Kenny Hill, a bricklayer who left behind more than 100 concrete sculptures on his bayou-side property in Chauvin, La. Ranging in subject from angels, cowboys, God, soldiers, children, and Hill himself, the sculptures depict the artist’s spirituality and his struggle with growing personal pain.


Houma, Louisiana
Houma, Louisiana
Houma offers both the expert and amateur angler alike a bountiful, unique and diverse fishing oasis. Thousands of years in the making, the natural wetlands of Houma were created by the ever shifting course of the great Mississippi River – a course which has left behind a fishing paradise of rich bayous, marshes, swamps, bays, lakes and barrier isles. Mild southern winters, liberal fishing limits, diverse fishing locations, and the more than 50 species of fish available for the catch, keep anglers coming back to the Houma area year-after-year. There are numerous charter services ready to outfit visitors with everything they need. Fishing in Houma is year round, although the busiest season is April through September. During these times, it is highly recommended to book a guide several months in advance.


Experience the joi de vivre, or love for life, ingrained into every aspect of life in Houma. See it reflected in the boisterous festivals and celebrations throughout the year, or at a dancehall where the locals teach visitors to Cajun dance. Taste its rich flavor in local fare – gumbo, étoufféé, and jambalaya. In Houma, visitors don’t just see the sights - they become a part of them.



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Gray, LA 70359

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