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Travel Directory: Ridgeland, Mississippi

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Ridgeland, Mississippi
Ridgeland, Mississippi

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Ridgeland, Mississippi


Inside+Out, the ridge land experience goes farther, deeper.

Inside+out, Ridgeland is charming and designed to delight. There’s an undeniable vitality and energy that makes it hard to sit still.  It’s not just a place to get away from everyday life, but a place where everyday life takes on rich new meaning and new excitement.
For today’s traveler, sight-seeing is one thing, the experience another.  And for those looking to experience something, Ridgeland, Mississippi is definitely something to see: Take the 33,000 acres of nature’s delights of the Barnett Reservoir, offering up 105 miles of splendid shoreline, bordered in Ridgeland by the Natchez Trace Parkway, America’s premier historic and scenic roadway where hackers, bikers, and cyclists wind through wooded trails. Take the fabulous fine arts and crafts of over 400 leading Mississippi and Southeast artisans who showcase their work at the distinctive Mississippi Craft Center that sits just off the Natchez Trace Parkway, making it easily accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. And take the window shopping: There’s plenty to see the state’s premier retail hub, and wait until you feast your eyes on your choices of super dining establishments.
Yes, the sight-seeing is awesome in every sense of the word. But more importantly, for those who want to go beyond seeing to savor a memorable, mouthwatering, multi sensory experience, Ridgeland,-recreational paradise, shopping mecca, ultimate dining destination-more that fills the bill.
And all of that is by design.  Within a mere 17 mile radius, Ridgeland has managed to capture and capitalize on stunning outdoor scenery in a city that lacks for no cosmopolitan amenity.  Consider Ridgeland’s extraordinary combination of assets:
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Greater outdoors:  With attractions in their portfolio like the Barnett Reservoir and the Natchez Trace Parkway, many cities might have called it a day. But Ridgeland goes father, with the multi-purpose trails crisscrossing the city as well as outstanding marina facilities.  This is a city that has snagged both Bike Friendly City honor by the League of American Cyclists, and the designation as the state’s Best Waterfront.  Whether you’re a casual cruiser or a hardcore BMX competitor, whether you like to swim, boat, water ski, kayak or fish, Ridgeland is the place to play.  That also means that Ridgeland doesn’t just win accolades, it wins games and matches, with the finest sporting facilities in the state, making the city the preferred choice for tournament and league play.
Delightfully delectable dining: It isn’t simply the quantity, or even the variety of dining options, although the metrics are impressive on both counts in a city where a meal can be a passport to cuisine from around the globe. What may be most impressive about Ridgeland is the world-class quality that can be savored here, thanks to the efforts or some of the nation’s best chefs, drawn here by the exceptional lifestyle advantages.  Together, great food and unrivaled hospitality are the ingredients that make Ridgeland the satisfaction-guaranteed choice for gatherings of all kinds.
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Retail adventure:  Exclusive boutiques to big-box favorites and everything in between, Ridgeland satisfies shopping desires on every level, from the Old World ambience and elegance of Renaissance at Colony Park and Olde Towne Ridgeland to the ever-vibrant Northpark Mall and The Township.  In fact, the Ridgeland Retail Trail puts over a dozen inviting and value-packed promenades and squares on your map. X marks the treasures and the great shopping experiences!
Adventurous, artistic, hospitable, indomitable, delicious, desirable.  this is truly a destination that is naturally stylish and an unexpected delight.  Ridgeland isn’t just a place to see; it’s a place to experience, INSIDE+OUT.


Contact Information:

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1000 Highland Colony Parkway
Ridgeland, MS 39157

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