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Travel Directory: Plantation Parade, Louisiana

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Plantation Parade, Louisiana
Plantation Parade, Louisiana

Plantation Parade, Louisiana

When visiting New Orleans, it’s important to learn and understand the role and significance of the plantation homes on River Road.  Their impact on the city that we see today is momentous because it was the wealthy Sugar Barons that helped build the structures that are now icons in the French Quarter. The use of slaves was pertinent to operations on the hundreds and thousands of acres of sugarcane fields.  The River was the main form of transportation between the plantation homes and the city.  The culture that existed 150 years ago is still evident today in the dialect, the customs, the food, and the surviving architecture.  The winding River Road is merely a portal to the past.

Once known as “White Gold”, sugar became the crop that helped build New Orleans and the Great River Road to what it is today. Thriving in the 18th and 19th centuries, the sugar plantations were owned and run by some of the wealthiest people in the world. These plantations served as business offices as well as summer retreats for the farmers and their families.

Today, the 200 plantation homes that once lined the Mississippi River have been reduced to a small handful.  If you visit these majestic mansions all of your plantation fantasies and curiosities will be met.  While wealth, greed and tragedy contribute to the love of and draw to Plantation Country, one can not forget the beauty of these historic homes. You’ll hear real accounts of ghosts, slaves, lavish parties, love stories, and the daily struggles of plantation life.   Standing in the alley of oaks, or among the massive columns, or next to a slave cabin is humbling and magical all at once.

You can almost hear the voices of the residents who lived there and smell the sweet magnolias. So, take a tour and see as many as you can because each home has its own identity and story, its own struggles, and a defining personality that makes it relevant to the region today. 

Begin your journey to the past.
We’d like to introduce four of the most unique plantations by taking you on “an unforgettable journey of four stories”.  Visitors are offered four different accounts of River Road history and culture, with stories of immense wealth, of charmed and tragic lives, of slavery and the hardships of daily life that contributed to the rich Louisiana cultures that we know today.

Today, only a short drive from New Orleans or Baton Rouge, the historic farmsteads, homes, restaurants and inns of Plantation Parade invite you to tour, shop, dine, sleep and enjoy the full richness and diversity of our Great River Road.

All four homes are open daily. Visit for more information on each Plantation.

Plan your visit today!


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Plantation Parade


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