Spirits and springs in DeLand, Florida

Spirits and Springs in DeLand

Tucked between Orlando and Daytona, this pleasant community is both home to Stetson University and an authentic Florida town. Spend a day walking among the shops and galleries, and then plan another day exploring nearby sites. VisitWestVolusia.com

Jump from the skies: Skydive DeLand is one of the busiest drop zones in the world, perfect for a tandem _ first-time skydive. SkydiveDeland.com

Angel wings: Something as simple as an alley mural has become the city’s must-stop spot. Bring your camera to Pill Alley, and fly with the angels.

Mead – the old brew is new again: Everyone has a brewery these days, but DeLand also has the Abbey, a meadery that features this ancient brew made from honey. Are hops more your style? There are plenty of craft brews here to slake that thirst, too. OddElixir.com

A spirited spot: Our nation’s oldest and largest spiritualist community, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, is just south of town. Schedule a session with a medium or a healer, join a séance at the hotel, or even open yourself to communing with someone “on the other side.” It’s all here. Cassadaga.org

Springs and more springs: Fresh spring water bubbles up all around town, and parks preserve the gin-clear water. At Blue Springs, crowds come during cooler months to the cypress-lined pools to see manatees. At DeLeon Springs, visitors flock to a cook-them-yourself pancake house inside a century-old gristmill and then go for a swim.