Quench your thirst at these Georgia breweries

Breweries are booming across Georgia, serving up great beers, events and gathering places for the community. Follow this guide to start exploring Georgia’s craft beer scene.

They may be found in warehouses, where the grind of machinery has been replaced with liquid gold and the sound of good times. Or, in new wide-open spaces where the conversation flows as easily as the beer.

Breweries are booming across Georgia, and Georgia’s craft breweries are much more than unique spaces to sample brews. They’ve proven their value to their communities by providing jobs, serving as gathering spots and building a brand to stand behind. For those in the state’s smaller cities and towns, they’re often a beacon for visitors and tourists and have been at the forefront of downtown revitalization efforts.

Let’s take a tour and check out some of the breweries around the state.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co., Athens

Athens and beer have been a perfect pairing for a long time. Located within walking distance of college dive bars, Creature Comforts Brewing Co. made a space in a former car dealership and auto repair shop on the edge of downtown Athens, where it thrives in the midst of the college revelry. Try its Tropicalia and see why it’s considered one of the top IPAs in the country. (Photo credit: Explore Georgia)

Oconee Brewing Company, Greensboro

Expand the road trip and drive 45 miles south to Greensboro, where Oconee Brewing Company has set up shop in a renovated cotton mill warehouse just off I-20 in a community known for its lakes and golf courses. The stunning outdoor patio provides the perfect setting to enjoy a freshly brewed beer with family and friends. (Photo credit: Explore Georgia)

Pretoria Fields Collective, Albany

The owners of Pretoria Fields Collective in Albany designed a tasting room with friends and conversation in mind. You can chat and play cards or board games while enjoying the collective’s four core and many seasonal beers. (Photo credit: Explore Georgia)

Southbound Brewing Company, Savannah

Make a visit to Savannah complete by stopping at Southbound Brewing Company. Southbound Brewing Company has been around since 2013 and sometimes offers uniquely sweet pairings, including donuts and Girl Scout cookies. (Photo credit: Southbound Brewing Company)

More to explore
Georgia’s modern-day breweries are places where friends and family can while away the hours learning how beer is made, playing games and listening to live music, or trying out seasonal beers and ciders. Hit the road this season to get a taste of Georgia’s unique craft beer offerings, and while you’re at it, bring an empty growler or two, since “filling stations” have taken on a new meaning.