Perry Baker hopes to see you soon in his home state, where there’s beauty and hospitality around every corner

Perry Baker, manager of media resources, South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism (Credit: Perry Baker)

I was born in South Carolina and have lived here most of my life, yet every day I discover new things to appreciate. There is so much beauty, both natural and man-made.

Our state boasts mountains (the beautiful Blue Ridge), white sand beaches (187 miles of coastline), historic battle sites and a national park (Congaree).

The city of Charleston — voted the best in the United States multiple times — has a national and international reputation. But there are many others, including Greenville, home to one of the coolest urban parks in the country; Beaufort and Georgetown, coastal towns known for historic homes; and Aiken, Camden, Abbeville and Lake City, small towns where you’ll find antique shops, horse country, art festivals and the Southern Main Streets of the movies.

In fact, South Carolinians go out of their way to make you feel at home and to keep you well-fed. Our chefs are some of the best, known for soulful Southern favorites like fried chicken, barbecue and grits, as well as new Southern dishes that showcase our bountiful local seafood and farm-fresh vegetables.

As a photographer by profession and by hobby,  I can honestly say South Carolina never disappoints. As a visitor, I know you’ll discover the same. We hope to see you soon.